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Painted Paper Bundles for Mixed Media Collage | "Terracotta Sandstone" |

Painted Paper Bundles for Mixed Media Collage | "Terracotta Sandstone" |

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Terracotta Sandstone

Color family:

Warm neutrals, ivory, sand and soft earth tones
Burnt orange, cinnamon and clay for spicy mid tones
Sienna, cocoa and charcoal

Each bundle is uniquely created for you.
Containing a variety of papers sizes ranging between  1” and  4" / 2 cm and 10 cm.

Now available in 3 size bundles by minimum weight:

Sample Bundle 15 g / ½ oz  £3.50 each

Regular Bundle  30 g / 1 oz  £6.50 each

Big Bundle  60 g / 2 oz  £12.00 each

The pieces in each collection are primarily from the color family described in the listings, with some contrasting accents. Some pieces are double sided so you could get a few wildcard colors on the reverse.

Contents include a variety of painted, printed, colored and hand-dyed papers. 

Including (but not limited to) vintage book pages, drawing and watercolor paper, magazine pages, tracing paper, tissue paper, music manuscript, envelopes, cardboard, wrapping and packaging paper.

Most will be multi layered, some are irregular shapes or have cut outs, some torn edges, some include bits of collage, stitching and/or fabric. 

All have been made and chosen with the giddy excitement of my youngest and most joy-fueled selves who relish in playing with colours and making stuff like this!



Note: images are illustrative of the range and type of papers included, not necessarily the exact papers contained in each collection.

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